Strategy & Risk Management

rainman_strategyMichael Porter is the Guru of strategy. We agree.

Designing and executing strategy is no easy game but understanding your business today will go a long way in formulating the right strategy.

CyanPear can assist you to build a vision and mission for your business, then validate its feasibility through the use of strategic models to support your decision making.

  •    Vision and mission – Build your business purpose and values
  •    Corporate Strategy – Decide where your business wants to go and how you will get there
  •   Risk Strategy - Align your business objectives to a robust risk strategy identifying value added audits
  •    Portfolio management – Analysis of your business through your portfolio of goods and services
  •    Competitive modelling – Understand your competitive advantage and position your business in the best way to increase market share and profitability
  •    Small Business Consultancy – Advise on how to set up your business and help to do it
  •    Audit Services - High impact audits of your governance, internal control and compliance framework

CyanPear can assist your business to identify, quantify, and manage risks in a proactive way.

In the ups and downs of recent economical times effective risk management proves to be a key factor for value creation in any business. Let us evaluate and improve your risk-management capabilities.

  • Business risk assessment – Understand the changes your business is going through and how that will impact the delivery of your strategy
  • Process risk assessment – Identify where your day to day activities are exposed to risk around the key financial processes (Fixed Assets, Revenue, Expenditure, Reporting, Payroll, Inventory/Stock ….)
  • Define robust Control Environments – Implement the framework for risk free business through defined policies, rules of business, and the behaviour of employees
  • Design and implementation of process focused Sarbanne Oxley (SOX, SarbOx) Internal Controls – Minimise financial risk through a suite of controls – maximise control and minimise audit activities and fees
  • Omission or minimisation of operational risks impacting financial performance – Improve site based procedures that directly impact the finances of your business.
  • Certification letters – Design of self certification letters for auditors, shareholders and management
  • Segregation of duties – Reduce the risk of fraud and theft through a well designed process
  • Business continuity plans – Be able to carry on with your day to day activities, minimising disruption during a major event like a flood or power outage
  • Internal audit and assurance – Give the management board assurance that the day to day activities are being performed with compliance  through a thorough audit plan
  • Mystery Shop Service – Like an audit but in a clandestine way