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Welcome to CyanPear Marketing.

We’re here to help you increase leads and sales to grow your business through the use of bespoke campaigns and ideas that your customers will not be able to ignore.

At CyanPear we take great pride and pleasure in helping you to focus your marketing ideas and spend into the right communications channels whether that be social media, emails, web, blogging, presentation or the more traditional direct mail (to name but a few).

We want to boost that buzz around your business to increase engagement with new customer enquiries and retain existing customers – whether they are on or offline!

You can benefit from our wealth of experience and expertise by sharing your business vision, products, services and ideas with us and we will then turn them into creative campaigns that are perfect for your audience.

We won’t just spend your money; we will make sure it’s working hard for you! We will measure communications against the investment made to see how its performed…this could translate into more website hits, growth in your social media presence, more telephone enquiries or simply by making customers feel more appreciated so that they become advocates of your business and help you by positive word of mouth.

What we do:

As your marketing consultants we will work with you to move your business forward. We will start off by analysing your current marketing activity, set well-defined goals, write a strategic marketing plan, create and implement marketing communications, monitor and measure your marketing success, improve all of your communications across all platforms and most importantly build your business brand.

So that your business achieves its goals and objectives it is important to have a robust marketing strategy. We will work with you to write that marketing strategy; we will help you identify what to say, how to say it, who to say it to and when to say it – doing everything at the right time and in the right order will help achieve more sales and enquiries.

The growth of social media has had a massive impact on businesses; you can now (with a relatively low cost) reach new and existing customers with messages, offers, competitions and events. To really use social media effectively you need to post the right content at the right time – we can help manage this for you. By using your social channels correctly we can help you generate awareness and leads, engage with your audience and grow the number of customers following your business.

Email marketing is a powerful direct marketing channel and sometimes it can also be free! We will create and send timely, relevant email campaigns to help elevate your products to cross sell and up sell to existing customers. We will manage and analyse open and click through rates so you can go that one step further to really get to know your customers based on their email activity and create some niche offerings.

Do you need to present your product or services to clients? We can help you write interesting, powerful and memorable presentations to help you showcase your business to set you apart from the competition.

We will help you create relevant, timely and targeted content on all of your marketing communications. This can help you to reach your target audience more efficiently and stimulate interest in your products or services.

Analysis and reporting is absolutely essential to make sure your marketing activity is working as it should for you. We will use the relevant analysis methods to see how well each activity is performing.


You’re either already online and need an update or you want to get your business online…either way we can work with you to help develop your website and move you forward in the right direction.

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