Finance Optimisation

buddha_financeoptWhen was the last time you measured how your business was performing compared to the peers in your industry?

Our tailored service offers to measure your ‘as is’ finance processes, benchmark them to global perspectives and provide you with a gap analysis with a deliverable action plan.

CyanPear can help to identify the right projects to help reduce your cost base and increase process efficiencies.

When was the last time you asked yourself the following:

  • How well is my business performing?
  • Where can my business be better?
  • Are we managing our cash efficiently?
  • What is the current end to end process cost?
  • Are all my teams performing the same tasks in many different ways?
  • Can I back up our performance with facts?
  • How can I reduce my finance costs?

If these questions have got you thinking then we have the answers:

Benchmarking – Understand how your business is performing compared to competitors, peers and world class companies by process

Gap Analysis – Identify where you can make significant and impactful changes with small solutions

Working Capital Management – Better manage your cash flow and stock levels

Performance Metrics – Develop meaningful key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by measuring the value adding parts of the business

Cost Reduction – Identify areas of the business where savings can be realised through process, people and policy changes

Shared Service Set Up – Advice on how to best set up a finance shared service centre, what to do, when to do it and how to measure it through a robust project plan

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable – Sales and Purchase Ledger improvement by process assessment, redesign and value adding projects