Continuous Improvement

dandilion_contiDoing things right (effectively) and doing things first time (efficiently) are the cornerstones of true continuous improvement.

CyanPear brings the methodology of Lean Six Sigma to your business in its simplest form allowing ease of understanding and application through all levels of your organisation

Things that cause ineffectiveness and inefficiencies in your business:

Misaligned Processes – Doing lots of the same thing in different ways

High Process Costs – Too much resource performing tasks which could be easily automated

Bottlenecks – Inefficient process steps which lead to delays in production or delivery

Lack of Control – No set policies around key business areas which are exposed to risks

No Process Maps – Not actually knowing what goes or how things are done in parts of your business

Lack of understanding – Staff not knowing what is the best way of doing something, accepting things as they are and never challenging why things are doing in a certain way

Our cost effective services include:

Process Waste Removal – Identifying and removing the “non value adding” tasks in a process and in doing so reducing your process and staff costs

Process Re-engineering – Redesign of processes to delivery output quicker and more accurately at a lower cost

Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – Clear written procedures allowing standardisation of activities and reduced training costs

Policy Writing – The rules of the business – a suite of policies around your business to ensure compliance, visibility and control

Process Mapping – Clear to follow process maps which identify how things are done in certain parts of the business. Clearly defined tasks, responsibilities, times and outputs

Business Analysis – Generation of solutions to business problems followed by the assessment, specification and translation of the everyday business needs in to technical terms.

Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture – Start at the roots – engage your employees in to thinking and doing effective and efficient through simple campaigns for all staff to easily adapt by putting the customer first

Lean Six Sigma Training – For those real gems in your team – additional development to Lean Six Sigma standard to become high performing project managers delivering business opportunities

Project Management – Assistance with any sort of project you are thinking of undertaking from leading workshops, planning, resourcing and delivery

Enterprise Resource Planning changes – JD Edwards (JDE) experts assisting the design and delivery of ERP related enhancements, changes and training. ERP standardisation management services also offered